Pie in the Sky Bakery

Now let's get serious....serious about the nation's most perfect-est cheesecake.   Perfected after 7 years of obsessive culinary expertise, our line of Cheesecakes now have national distribution.  Key Lime Pie, Pumpkin, Blueberry, Strawberry, Chocolate Mousse and Classic...do we have your attention now?

Brand spankin' new Commercial Kitchen

Led by Tyffany Price, our facility is built with tremendous headroom, lots of growth capacity and operational efficiency.   Culinary genius David Segal, Vice President and Sales Ninja Mike Berson and Director of Operations, Tyffany Price all take Cheesecake to a new height, or as we like to say, Baked with Altitude.

In the Freezer and Grab-n-Go Sections

Our new Cutie Pies release in early 2018, which join our single serve cheesecakes that somehow end up needing 2 forks.   Try them for a special treat, and share if you must.