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National Solar Project 2020 is an independent organization of auto dealership principals and veterans that help facilitate the smartest energy investments for other new car dealerships.  Learn from the best with peer case studies. Save time and money by working with NSP2020's highest quality vetted solutions and partners.  Show your community leadership through press releases sponsored by NSP2020.   

Now's the time

Solar Generation in the U.S. will triple between 2017 and 2020.  This means the amount of solar installer solicitation calls you're receiving is skyrocketing.   A unique opportunity with low cost panels coupled with high tax and subsidy incentives that wind down December 2019.   We're led by a long-time and award winning car dealer, we speak 'car.'  NSP 2020 is the only program solely focused on auto dealerships

IPOWER Alliance

NSP 2020 recommends IPOWER Alliance.  Bringing together the highest quality and best performing solutions to accelerate profits from renewable energy and energy efficiency products for your dealership.

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Signature Solar Project

Record-breaking solar panel technology

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VIDEO/Mid-sized Dealership

Rooftop system, 50kW system, 67% Electricity Offset.  

"Our solar project is actually gaining us customers."  Ted Christiano, General Manager

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