A 20+ Year Startup, gritty entrepreneurship

Tony Boniface Founded Independent Power Systems in 1996 with keen focus on Micro-grid, sophisticated solar arrays and sustainable power production.  Colorado/Montana/Massachsetts.  IPS engineers and installs systems for both Commercial and Residential applications, as well as advanced IP Patents with the revolutionary wind/solar/storage Power Tower.

NSP 2020

The National Solar Project works with Franchised New Auto Dealerships to power a significant percentage of their daily electrical demand, with efforts to install solar and take advantage of lucrative incentives.  Those flat roofs are money making machines, running sales, service and parts departments, as well as powering up Electric Vehicle charging stations. 

Commercial Focus

IPS is one of the most respected solar companies in the nation and clearly understands the importance of sustainable power options.  However, Commercial customers are fast-learning that today's systems are all about saving money; it is simply less expensive to integrate electrical power from the sun.

Watch the Video....Patented Power Tower

Affordable & Modular.  Remote living, Island Nations, Off-Grid, turn-key renewable solution.  6kW resilience from Kinetic, Solar AND Storage 

From Coast to Coast...IPS Pride