IPOWER Alliance

Turn-key energy system design and management

The 3-legged stool:

  • Reduce expensive grid-supplied power costs.  Solar panels are more affordable than ever
  • Reduce electricity needs, install efficient LED lighting & equipment
  • Reduce expensive peak demand charges, install smart algorithm-driven power demand controls

About Us

Property Owner Profits

Profit Driven - Yours

Commercial and industrial property owners find the green-est reason for joining the alliance?  Saving Greenbacks.  Money.   Custom tailored options include sustainable electricity generation, smart power demand controls, lighting and HVAC efficiencies.

Developers, Designers, Facilitators, Funders

IPOWER Alliance brings together the best partners and solutions to provide the most profitable solar and efficiency projects possible for new car dealers, government facilities, and non-profit organizations.

Intelligent Energy Design

Managing refrigeration, water heaters, and certainly HVAC systems are increasingly important to retail and manufacturing environments.   Controlling these expensive investments is not just controlling a thermostat, but controlling operational costs.

Energy Expertise

Diane Dandeneau

Diane Dandeneau is an expert in energy efficiency and renewable energy with over 30 years of creating solutions and achieving measurable results.   
Diane Dandeneau started selling solar in the early 80’s while in college in New Mexico. In the 90’s she designed and built her passive solar home. In 2005 her software company built systems to track and measure carbon savings from energy efficiency and solar for the Green Heart Institute, her non-profit that provided climate change education and solutions for communities.  In 2007, Ms. Dandeneau the re-entered the solar industry as the Director of Sales for Bella Energy, and then later, Independent Power Systems, expanding opportunities for solar for non-profits and small to mid-sized companies by providing unique financing solutions and introducing efficiency and demand controls.  
Today, Ms. Dandeneau is the V.P. of Sales with SolarIQ, the leader in power demand controls, and the CEO, of IPOWER Alliance, a consulting and solar development firm that is maximizing project profitability through multi-measure solar, controls and efficiency design.