Congratulations Sam Weaver, re-elected to Boulder City Council

Cool Energy

Powering a Clean Tomorrow

Think about exhaust heat that comes from Roasting Coffee Beans or exhaust from industrial Diesel Generators, our ThermoHeart Engine harnesses that heat and transforms it into 25kW of clean electricity. That's enough to power about 17 homes !

Sam Weaver leads a steely-eyed and dedicated team of engineers

Since 2006, 9 Patents and counting, the ThermoHeart Engine is now moving into global production.  A dramatic advancement in Stirling Engine technology by producing high efficiencies at low temperatures.  

Reservations for 2018 Production underway    We are analyzing feasibility and opportunities for various  industrial uses, like Diesel Gensets and Coffee Roasteries, waste heat temperatures between 150-400C.  Licensing also available.


Adventures leading up to the now 25kW from Waste Heat.  Low temperatures, High Efficiencies.