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Our mission is to ignite aspiring student entrepreneurs through mentorship, group collaboration and REAL deliverables solving REAL company needs and problems.

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For anyone with a stake in seeing early stage companies succeed.  For entrepreneurs who need ready access to support networks, investors looking for smarter ways to find and develop promising startups, and students supporting those entrepreneurs and investors move the creative economy front and center.


13 countries were represented for the Startup Phenomenon 2013 Summit.   Icons converged, like Alex Bogusky, Jim Collins, Brad Feld...all curiously exploring....What makes Boulder such an innovative hub? Like Tel Aviv and Reykjavik  VIDEO HERE

CEOs live in a deep valley, surrounded by steep cliff walls, potential rockslides and precarious boulders.  Emerging from the valley takes skill, determination and even luck.  ProCamp is the essential program for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs.


What are the headwinds for a spice company?   Calibrating a brand is not for the meek of heart. In fact, re-inventing the brand can differentiate and can even unlock new channels to market.  

What can we learn today, from those that pioneered yesterday?  Nuclear testing physicist that was there, Bikini islands in the 1950s and after 300 in-person detonations, Dr. Bob Brownlee illuminated the unimaginable at Fiske Planetarium. 

Boulderpreneurs led awareness, customer acquisition, outreach and operations for a fun Edu-Tainment Experience with dancing and singing guests, ages 5-9.  

Learn by doing, a Boulderpreneurs hallmark.  We also learn through story-telling.   Rock-star business minds tell their tales, Pioneer Podium video vignettes highlighting the journey like Stephanie Carter of Wallaroo Hat Company.  

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