Boulder Dough

Shhh...don't tell anyone it's Gluten Free

They'll never know anyway...this delicious par-baked pizza crust has been missing from the market, big-time.   Sad soggy sorghum crust NO MORE !   This GF is Delicioso.   Also a Raw Dough Ball product, perfect for your own creations:  Twists, Bread Sticks, Pockets, lots of imagination now coming out of your oven.

Entrepreneur Extraordinaire

A few doses of New York tenacity, mixed in with the adventuresome spirit of Colorado, and you have Boulder Dough's fearless leader, Mike Berson.   You'll see Mike in Las Vegas at the International Pizza Expo in 2018, as well as grocery stores and foodie shows, serving up yummy samples of Boulder Dough.

Lucky's, Whole Foods, BlackJack Pizza.......

Not at your local store yet?   Let us know...and we'll get it there !