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Seasoned Entrepreneurs

Nothing compares to the impassioned optimism that uniquely fuels entrepreneurs.  We enjoy the risk mitigation that only scar tissue creates for experienced plenty-of-fuel-in-the-tank leadership.  Like Kurt Miller (pictured), Founder/CEO Cozumel Ocean Park & Aquarium


Past prototyping.  Ignyte is motivated to actively participate in creating scalable revenues and systems, contributing with hard work and a deep bench to achieve those much needed milestones.

Precious Time

Our concept links up a stable of talent with our portfolio partners, executing with hands-on-clay work.  Not consultation.  It's about 'doing', with a high-performing network, investor relations and capitalization.  Foot on the gas, but not reckless.  With a few gray hairs, we all share a sense of urgency to go, build and not retrace the same ground.

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